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Monday, January 25, 2010

An umbrella of freshness

Cyperus alternifolius – the umbrella plant – like all water lovers will help humidify the dry air caused by your turned-up central heating during these cold days of winter.

Plants evaporate off almost all the water we give them; this makes the air around them more humid reducing tight skin and dry throats caused by dry air.  Good messages to sell plants like Cyperus!      
  • I love water – I love you – you’ll love me!
  • I’ll get rid of dry air
  • Don’t fret over tight skin and dry throats, let me help!

Making you feel good

The holidays seem an age away, so lift your customers’ moods with the Cocos plant. It feels like its come straight from the beach!

But do your customers know that it can work wonders in the study or the children’s homework area? It will help you and them concentrate and be creative – put it next to the computer where it will really show its strength.

It will also help to reduce dust in the playroom – keeping the air more humid and therefore reducing the number of dust particles on surface areas.

* Take a mood-enhancing holiday reminder home
* Put me in the playroom to dust-bust!
* Let me inspire your family

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